Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tool #10 Underneath it All- Digital Citizenship

1. Three things I would want to make sure my students understand about being a good digital citizen are:

  • Not to believe everything they see or read on the web is true.
  • Look and check at multiple sources before taking information as being true.
  • Protect their identity. 
 2. I plan to use Budd:e, Brain Pop and Netsmartzkids. I like them because they offer great presentations for students, teachers, and parents. Brain Pop has two great videos on cyber bullying and digital etiquete. 

 3. I think these idea would tie very well with what we teach at the beginning of the school year in social studies. We learn about safety in the classroom, restroom, cafeteria, and playground, etc. We also learn about feelings and treating others with respect. I will start teaching about digital citizen by posting the question: How would you feel, if a person promises you something special, just to trick you, or get you in? We will discuss and learn that the web is full of special offers and promises, but most are not true. We will also learn that the web is use by some people who like to hurt people's feelings. I will use Wallwisher to record students answers. 

 4. Open House is a great place to start sharing the idea of digital citizenship with parents. We could give parents a good flyer with information and tips about helping and protecting students at home while on the web. The flyer should also include some of the websites and other sources where they could learn more about this topic. Classroom's Newsletters are another great place to keep informing and updating parents about this topic.

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  1. Great idea about starting during Open House to help parents understand that they need to be aware and help guide their children about digital citizenship.