Monday, July 2, 2012

Tool #3 Online Video Resources

It was great to learn about the abundance of sites available for teachers use. I am a big fun of using images in my lessons and Flickr and Freefoto excellent sites that will make my job easier. Videos are also another great resource and learning about TeacherTube, SchoolTube and KidsTube was great.  I particularly liked the educational and institutional sites for science and social studies videos because those videos will help my 4 yeas-old students to have a better understanding of those contents.
About Fair use and copy right, I found the information very valuable because we are always looking for new resources to use in the classroom and it is clear that for this reason we are safe in many ways for borrowing other's work for this use. I learned that it is all about money but with the proper use and acknowledgement teacher can continue benefiting  from these sources.
I find challenging to keep all these resources organized but learning about dropbox was fantastic. I created my account and I am ready to go.
For this assignment I chose 2 videos from YouTube that I will use for the beginning of school.

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