Friday, July 6, 2012

Tool# 7 Reaching Outside your Classroom- Online Digital Projects

Online projects are an excellent tool to share what we are doing in the classroom and to work in collaboration with other classrooms. CIESE- Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education has a collaborative project that can be used with Pre-K students. The Square of Life is a project in which students will investigate their local environment and share that information with other students.

  Content Objective-Given a set of nature walks and ipads, students will find and observe living and nonliving things in the school yards.
  When you plan to implement it-We will schedule some walks for the fall semester and some in Spring so students have the opportunity to collect good data. This will be done during the science block.
  What tools you plan to use-We will use Google Docs for our data collection and record keeping. For our final product we will create a presentation on power point or a video using Animoto. We will use ipads to take pictures a videos.

 Students will make observations and will keep record of their observation on their journal/Google document. They will also work in collaboration discussing and sharing their findings. Students will prepare a final report or presentation to showcase their work.

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