Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tool #8 Taking a look at the tools

Three things I learned:

  • Create an iTunes account 
  • Search and download an App 
  • Sync my Ipad to my laptop 
Another important thing I learned from the videos was how to set up my library in iTunes to my preference. This way I will have what I need at my disposal with out having to spend time searching for it. When going over downloading applications, I found that searching and downloading was quite direct and simple. Naming the devices also proves to be helpful when syncing apps. 

 As for managing the devices, I think that the most important thing to do is to teach students clear expectations and consequences for the proper use of the devices. I will plan several minilessons to make students familiar with the devices and how to operate them. Students will understand that it is all about taking good care of the devices and using them in a safe way. I found the following tips for managing the devices very helpful. 

  • Post a set of rules relating to Ipad/Ipod use. 
  • Use fully charged devices during the day/no tangled cords. 
  • Choose a student helper to actively monitor the use of the devices.

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